Let’s rise from this crisis by playing together ‒ you, me and the whole world

When you play music together with other people, you can’t help but smile, laugh and get goofy. Perhaps you also channel your worries and sorrows into music, making them fade away with every tune. That is the magic that helps us get over the hardships – are you with us?


With this petition we call on the world to play together. You can sign this petition as an individual or on behalf of your company, organisation or association. Our aim is to reach 100 000 signers.


Name Country
Pohjois-Karjalan maakuntaliitto Finland
Laura Jussila Finland
Sami Tolvanen Finland
Heli Räsänen Finland
Pentti Ojajärvi Kesälahti Finland
Joona Kotilainen Finland
Tovari Marketing Finland
Markus Riihimäki Finland
Rauno Jussila Finland
Tiina Hyvärinen Finland
Mari Moilanen Finland
Hannu Koistinen Finland
Liisa Finland
Hokkanen Pirjo Finland
Katja Leppäaho Finland
Hannele Huhtinen Finland
Mia Kiuru Finland
David G.P. Spain
Jari Schroderus Finland
Kari Sarkkinen Finland
Anita Luhanko, Kontiolahden Nuorisopalvelut Finland
make Finland
Paula S Finland
Teemu Ahtonen Yhtyeineen Finland
Katja Kolehmainen Finland
Kiteen nuorisotoimi Finland
Markus Pulkkinen, Kiteen kaupungin kulttuuripalvelut Finland
Veera Finland
Sari Kaasinen Finland
Pirjo Korjonen Finland
Virpi korhonen Finland
sepeli sarkkinen Finland
H Finland
kaizer-viazovtsev laraine Finland
Marjo-Riina Häkkinen Finland
Yläpihan tila Valtimo Finland
Mikko Arola Finland
Lumi Ollila Finland
Jarmo Kantelinen Finland
Riikka Suihkonen Finland
Anita Aronen Finland

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