Let’s rise from this crisis by playing together ‒ you, me and the whole world

When you play music together with other people, you can’t help but smile, laugh and get goofy. Perhaps you also channel your worries and sorrows into music, making them fade away with every tune. That is the magic that helps us get over the hardships – are you with us?


Sign this feelgood petition and activate the world to play together. You can sign this petition as an individual or on behalf of your company, organisation or association. Our aim is to reach 100 000 signers from many different countries.

This is a challenge from North Karelia, Finland, to the rest of the world

You might not intuitively link communal singing and music playing to the stereotypically silent Finland – but actually, in the east of Finland, this tradition is exceptionally strong.

We, the Karelian people, are known for our ability to sing and play music through the good times and especially the miserable ones – thus overcoming whatever hardships the world has posed to us.

That is the Finnish SISU in the form of music. Do you have it as well?

At the moment, the world needs everyone to sing and play music together. Take up the challenge – let’s play together!

Check out how the Finnish national instrument kantele is played together! »

North Karelia is the easternmost region of Finland and of Continental Europe. It is a place where east and west meet and where a special state of mind, ”world karelianism” prevails. It means that we want to foster friendliness, openness and hospitality in the good times, but even more in the bad. Our goal is that no one is left alone – in North Karelia or after this campaign in the whole world.

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